Monday, January 7, 2013

Blog Crush: Style Is My Thing by Soraya De Carvalho

I don't read many fashion blogs, particularly because they all post the same things and have very similar styles. "Style Is My Thing" by Soraya De Carvalho is one of very few fashion blogs that is truly unique in style. Hailing from Nottinghan, England Soraya De Caravalho is a student, freelance stylist, blogger and Fashionista. Like me, you've probably seen her on your Tumblr dashboard or on Loobook... but none of those networks compare to her blog where she not only gives us multiple angles of her gorgeous get-up, but she tells you where you can purchase the items yourself.

From Charlotte Olympia to Christian Louboutin, its hard to spot Soraya without a sick pair of pumps to complement her out fit. Mhm, my kinda lady! Not to mention her ah-mazing collection of designer handbags. Miss Carvalho is bold, never afraid to mix colors or experiment with accessories like her pom pom veil beanie, or long leather gloves.

Soraya De Carvalho is one of my biggest fashion inspirations. Someday soon,-when I can afford it- I will have a closet just like hers. 

Style is most definitely your thing, Soraya!

Check Out her blog: HERE!

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