Wednesday, February 8, 2017

7 Worthy Beyonce Performances No One Ever Talks About!

Christmas came early (or late) for the BeyHive last week when our Queen Bey announced that she was expecting TWINS! Anytime Beyonce things are happening, I cant help but go on a Youtube marathon of all things Bey. Interviews, music videos, shady moments, Illuminati conspiracies (yes you read right), and her greatest performances. After that breathtaking Grammys performance and in anticipation for her upcoming Coachella headlining performances, here are (in no particular order) "7 Worthy Beyonce Performances No One Ever Talks About!'

1. End Of Time
What better way to start off the list then with not one, but THREE perfect live performances edited into one? Just more proof that the Queen is flawless. All three of these performances perfectly sync, plus mama is giving us 3 different looks. Not to mention she was pregnant at the time.

2. Learn to be Lonely
 I love Bey looking like a black Disney Princess. Remember that year Bey slayed the Oscars when she performed all of that year's nominees for Best Original Song requiring female lead vocals? .

3. Me, Myself and I
 A simple black one-piece, a mic and some mirrors and Bey had the crowd hypnotized. Great vocals and stage presence is all you need. Peep Andre 3000 and Big Boi falling in love.

4. Bad Girl
When will you're fave EVER! First of all can I just say, Usher is a spectacular performer and is disgustingly underrated. I feel like you'd have to be, to get Beyonce to make a cameo performance at your concert. But lets talk about the Queen, shes just so effortlessly sexy (real life goals, like for real).Watching this video a billion times is the reason I downloaded this song, and I'm not embarrassed to say I frequently try to recreate this routine in my room, late at night at least once a week.

5. Dangerously in Love
Beauty, vocals, stage, dove. That is all!

6. Listen
Probably the best live rendition of "Listen" shes ever done. Don't believe me just watch!

7. Michael Jackson
Beyonce IS this generations Michael Jackson, she is the greatest living entertainer and live performer. In fact MJ is the reason we have a Beyonce, it was watching him she realized what she wanted to be. Watch the Queens pay homage to the King, and get your life!

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