Tuesday, August 23, 2016

LOOKZ!: The 90's Called...

Hair on Dashiki ("that's Swahili for Doggystyle"). Fit on Ashley Banks (Fresh Princess of Bel-Air). Converse on, well, me. Cuz you know, they're my thing.
This week I thought I'd give a lil' 90s tease with these LOOKZ!

The 90s Called... and said "girl you know you fly, show 'em how you do".
I love this outfit. Its so simple yet attention grabbing.
 Everyone loves the 90s, its all the rage these days, however it gets a little boring watching everyone reference the same fashion trends. When looking for inspiration, I like to look beyond the obvious. Pay attention to the supporting characters and the extras in movies/tv shows. Put down the magazines and pick up your parents photo album.

 I opted for an overall skater dress instead of the original overalls because your girls got a big belly. No shame in my game, but I've learned over the years the importance of "the silhouette" (thanks Rupauls Drag Race) and what clothes are the most flattering for my figure. Because my belly happens to be the widest part of my body, the flare of a skater skirt/dress allows the illusion of a better proportioned hour glass figure.
(My personal preference)

 My favorite part of this look has to be the accessories. The retro style gold heart earrings compliment the gold cuffs in my braids, while the white bandanna keeps in tune with the white and black color scheme I've got going. Matchy! Matchy!  I admit, I'm a little annoyed that I didn't take it a step further. Totally regretting not wearing the gold watch and red press-ons. Ugh, lesson learned.

Plain White Tee
Overall Skater Dress: Made by Me.
Similar Dress: ASOS 

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