Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Golden Confidence Pool Party

After years of swooning over all the social media pictures,videos, Snapchats and articles about this party I finally went, and it was EVERYTHING!

 Never have I ever been in a room 
with so many gorgeous women, and never have I ever been in any room and felt just a gorgeous and confident. I arrived solo and so nervous I would either end up sitting in a corner, isolated or make a total fool of myself. Instead, from the minute I walked into the bag check room, I was met with several ladies complimenting my look. I even met a few girls who I hung with for most of the night, and now we keep in contact via social media. Oh, did I mention that I completely fangirled at the sight of some bloggers and models that have inspired me for years (Essie Golden, Miss Posh, ThickgirlCloset), and I have no shame. I had so much fun, the vibes were so chill and positive, I can't wait for next year.

Here are some highlights, Snaps, and some of fave looks.
@leanne_j_mangano, @curvesonthemove, @frankietavares

@EssieGolden & @Miss_Posh

@curveswithmoves, @justshewholives, @misslauraleej


@curvysam, @mkr_plusfashion


Until next time...


  1. Hope everyone had a great time with friends. Surely the home studios NYC are the best. Once you go there and left with no words to describe their soothing interior. Settings done for recording and youth preferences is ultimate. Thinking to have one with our friends.

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