Sunday, April 23, 2017

#OBSESSED: Swaggy British Guys, Diversity in Black Music & Instagram Slays!

Riz Ahmed. Isn't he just GAW-GEOUS? I don't much about him yet other than he's British (accent included, ugh, yes!), an actor and rapper. Yes, a rapper so he's all swaggy like I like, yum!  I came across this unicorn 2 am one day on a Late Show with Stephen Colbert binge on Youtube and I've already planned our wedding and named our 3 kids. You're all invited of coarse.
Have a look, but don't hes mine.

Over the last 2 weeks the music industry has definitely put a smile on my face, and you know I live for a sexy creative visual.This time Im giving you my Top 4 fave music videos this month so far:

4. "Privacy" - Chris Brown

Good-GAWD, my ears are pregnant! Chris Brown, problematic as he may be, never fails to make my hormones spazz. I really really do love super feminine and sexy dancing. Not to mention, I love when Chris isn't calling me a "hoe". Let's hope he continues down this road, I'm living for it.

3. "Hard Times" - Paramore

First and foremost, Paramore is life! Other than Beyonce, Paramore is the only other artist that I faithfully give my money to. Paramore is by far my most favorite band. Hayley Williams is a poetic genius who's always just on time with super-relatable tune. They hit the nail on the head this time, lawd! 

2. "Humble" - Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick gives me hope for the future of hip-pop/rap. When a rapper can deliver a message over a crazy beat that I can twerk to...just take my money Kendrick, you can have it! My heart too?

1. "Come Closer" - Wiz Kid ft. Drake

C'MON DIVERSITY IN BLACK CULTURE, YAAS! *tongue pop* As both Reggae/Dancehall and Afrobeat become more mainstream here in America, I'm loving the fusion of that with Hip-Hop. It's so beautiful. Im am LIVING for the ladies in this video, so beautiful. Question? Drake has already been Spanish and Jamaican in the last year, who else is hoping Middle Eastern is next? Lol.


The hair, the fits, the beat! Head-to-toe SLAY!
I've actually been following this Queen for years, I've even drawn some hair inspo from her.
Her Instagram page is what I pictured when I created "LOOKZ!", hopefully I can reach this level of SLAY one day. 

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