Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hello Internship!

Say "Hello!" to the newest Social Media intern for the City Council campaign office of Jacques Leandre. Mee! It's taken literally months, but I am so happy and excited to finally land my first internship. As a social media intern, it is my job to use web based platforms to inform the public of the issues in the community and how my candidate will address them once he is elected. Essentially, I get permission to surf 
Facebook,Twitter etc., and flaunt my ah-mazing photography and genius marketing skills. I know right, how lucky am I?... The only con, is that there isn't very much I'm aloud to post here. I'm afraid "Journey to the Dream" won't be very interesting until early next year when you can witness all the crazy-ness in the weeks leading up to the launch of "Tigris New York". Until then, I am extremely happy to be given this opportunity to use my talents for a good cause. Although my dreams lie outside the world of politics, this is great start.

Put your all into everything that you do and take it one step at a time, true and lasting success doesn't happen overnight.

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