Sunday, October 7, 2012

The City She Loves: Prologue


In the city that bred Woody Allen and Shawn Carter, another legend was about to be born. In the largest county of New York, fit for and  thereso named after a Queen, a girl unlike any other dawned. 
Destined for greatness, she would soon learn this great city was her ticket.
She loved her town. Unlike other natives, it meant more than just repping a borough. Old New York, new New York, she could appreciate all of  New York not only for what it had become, but for what it had been. She often daydreamed about jazz clubs filled with fabulous flapper girls in the 1920's, Michael Jackson, Andy Warhol and all the greats getting down to Disco at Studio 54, even the rundown gritty streets of Brooklyn and Queens in the 80's and 90's. She understood New York, and it seemed New York was the only one who understood her. It was more than a bunch of tall buildings and bright lights, it was her heart, it was her identity.

At the cusp of her teenage years, she was done chasing boys...or on hold rather. Eyes on the prize she fell madly in love with a town that gave her serenity, endless opportunity  and above all inspiration. Come to think of it, she might have been in love all along. Every book she ever willingly read, tv-show, sitcom or movie she ever watched more than twice, fiction or reality all took place here. Nevertheless, she was a queen in the making, a Tiffany Diamond in the rough and it was her time to shine, her turn to reign... in The City She Loves.

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