Thursday, September 6, 2012

Be Inspired: Atoosa Rubenstein

Meet Atoosa Rubenstein, the awe-inspiring former editor-in-chief of Seventeen Magazine, founding editor of CosmoGIRL! Magazine (not to mention youngest EIC in Hearst 100 yr history), founder of Big Momma Productions, creator and executive producer of MTV's: Miss Seventeen and frequent guest judge on America's Next Top Model. I discovered Atoosa in the middle-school days of 2005 standing on the never ending check out line at Path Mark, when I snagged my first Seventeen magazine. Taken away by its oh so relatable content, I began my research to find who was responsible for gracing my eyes with this new guide to life. Although my interest is and has always been in business, day dreaming about the future as Seventeen's Director of Marketing always came equipped with Atoosa as my mentor. Unfortunately, Mrs. Rubenstein left Seventeen before I was even old enough to intern. Nevertheless, every cloud has a silver lining, and shortly after her departure Atoosa started a project that would not only earn her the title of the ultimate "Alpha Kitty", but inspire a bevy of young woman (me especially).

Alpha Kitty™, a web-series created by Atoosa produced by her very own Big Momma Productions, was a collection of Youtube videos that featured a medley of young creative, ambitious kittens on their road to success. Sound a little familiar? (hint: Tigris: A True Alpha)
"What's an Alpha Kitty™, you ask? Someone who's brave, creative, fierce, passionate and...well, yes, weird. Weird is the new normal, haven't you heard? After all, who wants to be cookie-cutter, anyway? Ugh. B-O-R-I-N-G. "Le freak c'├ęst chic" is our motto in the world of Alpha Kitty™. We're a celebration of being different...of being individuals...of self expression.I see a herd of stampeding (super glam!) Alpha Kitties painting the world with our points of view and unique style. Alpha Kitties™ must be heard."
The very popular but short lived series featured Alphas like; Fashion Designer Phillipe Blond, Ghana native fashion writer Zandile Blay, and my personal fave, Dutch recording artist Esmee Denters. Through Alpha Kitty™, Atoosa also featured a series called "Alpha Kitty & Andy Warhol" where she duscussed current topics and gave advice using quotes and theories from "The Philosophy of Andy Warhol",  all with pop art inspired visuals.

So what's the ah-mazing Atoosa up to these days? Well, not much has been seen of her since giving birth to her beautiful daughter Angelika McQueen in 2008. However, according to Page Six the now 40 yr old Hearst LEGEND and her husband Ari Rubenstein are heading to the spacious Upper East Side to await the birth of their twin girls. 

Success, a gorgeous husband, 3 beautiful baby girls and the Upper East Side, all before 40?...Oh my wildest dreams! Atoosa Rubenstein is the epitome of a Woman in Charge. She is the kind of woman we should all aspire to be. She is the ultimate Alpha Kitty.

Be Inspired.

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