Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Tigris New York: Reptiles In Paris Collection

Tigris New York presents "Reptiles in Paris" a mini collection of mini skirts and beret sets. Each set is available in 3 different colors/texture to fit your every mood , extra, Extra and MAD EXTRA!  Lets not forget super cah-yute though.

Color/Textures come in "Magenta Croc Skin", "Turquoise Croc Skin", and "Holographic Snake Skin".

I was really inspired by the fabric this time around. The glossy finish over the reptile fabric immediately made my eyes sparkle. I knew right away it'd be perfect for my signature mini skirt, but I also knew it needed something to compliment, and berets are so in right now.
 I am super excited about this collection, its so simple yet so very MUCH, I love it.
So make sure you head over to the shop where you can cop a skirt, beret or a matching set. Plus, shipping is totally free (for now). 

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