Friday, October 5, 2018

Happy Belated #MeanGirlsDay! | Oct. 3rd

In honor of Mean Girls Day, here are some of my favorite and underrated Mean Girls quotes as gifs and my commentary, ofcoarse.

First things first, shame on me for being two days late for this beloved national holiday.
 Now lets get started.

Thanks, I know. Its called "Beyonce Heat". This is a total compliment, I'm with Cady on this one. 

Shoutouts to all my gap toothed bitches! #GapToothGang

Repeat affirmation daily.

No shame, I aspire to be as bitchy as Regina was in this moment. Iconic!

Why though?


Same sis, but now EVERYONE knows.

This quote has been adopted into my everyday vocabulary. Thank You Tina Fey.

Or get ghosted.

Maybe I don't care because I can't understand without the caption. My next nail salon appointment will be interesting though.



That is all folks. Comment your favorite Mean Girls quotes below.

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