Tuesday, February 14, 2017

LOOKZ!: The Concrete Runway

In honor of Fashion Week I wanted to pay a subtle homage to my 2 favorite designers, Betsey Johnson & Jeremy Scott with these LOOKZ! 
Trading in the backdrops and glittery runways for street lights and concrete pavement. For a girl like me every week is NYFW. 

Faux Fur Crop Jacket: Made by Me 
Leapord Shirt: Thrifted
Vinyl Skirt: Made be Me 

This year I'm the designer and model, the street lights are my spotlight, the pavement is my runway and my neighbors have front row seats to the best show in Queens. By now there should be no question as to why these 2 innovative designers are my faves. They have a way of  taking things that shouldn't go together and making them work. So me, right? I know!

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