Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Mixtape: Kanekalon Hair Flips

Flippin' that kanekalon hair with them press-ons, feelin' ya self. Whether you're taking way too long to get ready for a night out, in the back of SUV on your way to sit front row at a NYFW show or you just wanna drown out the cat callers while you strut down a NYC sidewalk. Whip them inches and get your life to this all female mix.

1. Fierce (Paris is Burning Mix) - Azealia Banks (before she started getting on my nerves as a person)
2. Scuse Me - Lizzo
3. Nail Polish - Sophie Beem
4. Fashion Freaks (Fuck Food) - Tokyo Diiva
5. BBD- Azealia Banks
6. One Percent - Rich White Ladies
7. Canary - Dai Burger
8. Feelin' Myself - JUNGLEPUSSY

Over the last few years, I've had this growing resentment for my beloved Hip-Hop. Mostly because I was starting to feel like I couldn't relate. It seemed like Hip Hop was becoming this monotone, mediocre, male saturated genre that only cared about club hits and going viral. My only saving grace was Nicki Minaj, a prissy hood chick from Jamaica, Queens (rep) with breathtaking beauty and dope bars to match. But even Nicki has her shortcomings, and why is there only one female MC getting any attention. Its like their can only ever be one or two women in Hip Hop getting shine at the same time, and that's BULLSHIT!
 Frustrated and deprived, I was so happy when I stumbled upon some of these dope female artists, that led me to even more. So for the girls who love listening to music that'll have you hair flippin, ass shakin, and screaming "YAAASSS!", let me be your guide. Along with every "LOOKZ!", I will create a mix (free to stream/download) for your listening, get your effing life, pleasure.

This is just the first mix of many that feature a lot more female artists, if you know of any artist or songs, please comment below.

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