Friday, December 14, 2018

Thank U, NEXT! (gif recap)

Ok ok, lets get to it. First, Ariana has slowly grown on me since "Tattooed Heart", and she definitely hooked me with "Sweetener". I knew "Thank U, Next" would be a hit the minute I heard it, but I completely LOST MY SHIT when she started posting visuals for the music video. By now everyone has seen it (60m and counting last I checked), but I wouldn't be me and this wouldn't be Lola New York if I didn't post it. No need to breakdown references, we're well versed in late 90's early 2000's femme pop culture over here and fluent in chick flick quotes. So, I'll be me and just put my two cents in (gifs included, of course).

I had a feeling he was packin'. Can I have him next Ari?

Regina George is more than a person, she's a whole MOOD!

Don't be mad, but Ariana is who I picture anytime I hear "baby prostitute".
(in a "two things that shouldn't go together but do" kinda way)

Carefree Unfriendly Black Hotties living in their Magic

Fun fact: Jennifer Coolidge is my favorite actress.

Most perfect casting choice of ALL TIME!

Kinda disappointed that this is the only scene they recreated from 13 Going On 30.

"OMG the 'Bend and Snap' works every time." 
(totally googling "pink ostrich feather fabric, stay tuned Tigris New York)

What were your fave moments from the video? 
What movies do you wish Ariana would have referenced?

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