Saturday, February 13, 2016


New Queens of R&B?
Yaaas! Finally, some R&B I can rock with. I've been praying for my beloved R&B to break free from its shackles and make a comeback. Although its not the 90's R&B that everyone was hoping for, don't fret, its actually better. Now before my fellow millennials crack their Twitter fingers, let me explain. Its no secret that the 90's was the Golden Era for R&B, and us 90's babies love nostalgia, but lets get real...the 90's aren't coming back! So instead of trying to recreate the past, lets look forward to the artists that are gonna sprinkle their magic on this decade.
Lately these four women in particular (from left: Kyndall, Sevyn Streeter, Justine Skye, Tinashe) are the most played artists in my iTunes. Now I'm no professional critic so i'll spare you my attempt at analyzing vocal range, pitch and all that jazz. What I will tell you is, I put my headphones on and I get butterflies. Every heard music that made you feel like you were in a music video? Here are a few of my faves... 

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