Saturday, December 29, 2012

Be Inspired: The Flapper

The flapper...was more than just a glamorous fashion statement, it was the redefinition of womanhood. In the 1920's, a new breed of women emerged that would impact generations to come. Although this iconic style is seen as "classy" or "elegant" in today's society, it was quite the opposite during the 1920's. Flapper girls wore loose flapping dresses as means to hide their curves. Some would even go as far as to wrap their chests to appear flat chested. Why? Because a woman is more than her body, more than her curves, she is her mind.

 The flapper movement-with all its glitz and glamour-was about female equality, independence and rebelling against what society deemed acceptable behavior. Flapper girls were seen as brassy for their excessive use of makeup, drinking, smoking driving and casual sex as a means to be seen as equals to men. Women of the 20's also, proudly exercised their right to vote. 

My personal favorite and inspiring 1920's iconic women. Josephine Baker, Gloria Swanson and Clara Bow.

Although the flapper lifestyle didn't last forever, their shift in attitude, ideals and actions left a profound impact on women to be independent and un-submissive to men. 

Mission accomplished ladies!

- A Modern Day Flapper

Be Inspired.

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